Safe Shopping

Although LifePICNIC.com tries to ensure that access to and use of the Store is safe, we cannot guarantee that the Store or its server will be error free, uninterrupted, free from unauthorized access including third parties such as hackers or attacks on its good service.

Because we do not control what you may receive in your e-mail, we advise you that you can be a misleading advertising victim from someone pretending to be from LifePICNIC.com. This is called e-mail "phishing". "Phishing" is a fraud widely used to copy companies' brand image to steal your personal information.

This behavior is abusive and violates the intellectual property rights of LifePICNIC.com's trademark assuming misleading advertising practices towards the consumer.

We would like to help you learn how to identify and protect yourself from these situations.

Most of the time, the e-mail contains links to a site that looks like LifePICNIC.com's Store with contents that are not controlled by us and aren't LifePICNIC.com's responsibility

This site may ask for your LifePICNIC.com's e-mail and password or try to install unwanted software on your computer and try to steal your personal information. It may also include attachments of unwanted software called "malware." They may even try to direct you to sites with a similar URL address, but they are false.


LifePICNIC.com's official URLs:

  • http://www.lifepicnic.com
  • https://www.lifepicnic.com
  • http://www.picksbypicnic.com
  • http://www.facebook.com/lifepicnic
  • http://www.facebook.com/lifepicnic.international
  • http://pinterest.com/lifepicnic

Do not open any links that are different from the above.


LifePICNIC.com's official e-mails:

  • info@lifepicnic.com
  • customercare@lifepicnic.com
  • sales@lifepicnic.com
  • newsletter@lifepicnic.com

Do not respond to any e-mails that are different from the above.
Make sure they are always sent from those e-mails.

To edit your data or check your personal account status, go to http://www.lifepicnic.com and click on the "My Account" link in the upper right of any LifePiCNiC.com page. From the moment you click on the "My Account" link, the session switches to a secure encrypted SSL channel. In the browser address bar the URL prefix changes from "http" to "https".


Safe URLs:

  • https://www.lifepicnic.com/customer/account/login/ - allows access to login into your secure account or to create a secure account
  • https://www.lifepicnic.com/customer/account/create/ - allows access to create a secure account
  • https://www.lifepicnic.com/customer/account/ - your secure account


In conclusion:
If you receive an e mail that seems to be ours requesting your personal information, with or without attachments, do not reply, do not open attachments or click on links or buttons.

We will never ask you for your password, username, credit card information or other personal information via email or include attachments. We only gather your personal information through your account on the LifePICNIC.com's Site, within a secure session like https://www.lifepicnic.com.

If you receive an email about contests or promotions and this information is not on LifePICNIC.com 's Contests and Promotions page with the http://www.lifepicnic.com/contests_promotions URL, it is because you are being misleaded and/or a victim of "Phishing".

If you are not sure that a certain e-mail is from LifePICNIC.com or if you have identified it to be a fraud, we appreciate you reporting it so please contact us via our "Contact Us" page.

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For more information on our conditions please see our Terms & Conditions.