Growbed Medium Self-watering Planter · NOOCITY

Growbed Medium Self-watering Planter · NOOCITY

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Easy to assemble and low maintenance - just like we like it!

The Noocity Growbed Medium is the intermediate version of the unique and efficient self-watering urban gardening system, designed for all spaces. 

With 125 cm in length, 65 cm wide and 35 cm high, this smart raised bed is simple to assemble and easy to maintain, allowing you to produce a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. 

There are no excuses not to start your own productive veggie garden now!





These grow beds are the perfect combination between practicality and productivity. To put it simply – the ideal solution for your veggie garden.
 The large version of the Noocity Growbed allows you to grow a vast quantity and variety of crops. It’s the best solution for large families, veggie lovers with space, or professionals!

Sub-irrigation system
Considered as the most effective method for growing food in urban agriculture, the Noocity Growbed’s sub-irrigation system works by providing the plants with water directly from the roots. Through capillarity water slowly passes from the reservoir to the growing zone according to when the plants require hydration a box of air separates the water from the soil providing the roots with constant access to oxygen.

Save Water
A drastic decrease of water loss through evaporation allows plants to be watered less frequently, saving up to 80% on water consumption in comparison with conventional gardening systems.

Save Time 
The sub-irrigation system means that plants can be watered as little as every three weeks. As long as the water reservoir is filled plants have daily access to water
 as and when they need. With the Noocity Growbed the common mistake of under or over watering can be avoided allowing for optimum productivity and quality of plants.

Best performance
The Noocity Growbed provides the ideal conditions for strong and healthy growth of plants and herbs, producing up to 50% more than a conventional

Least effort
Installation is completely free of any tools and the modular design, which comes in three different sizes, makes this gardening system adaptable to any space.


Noocity uses high strength and quality materials prepared for outdoor use.


  • Save water - the irrigation system helps you save time and water, while also creating the perfect conditions for healthy crops
  • No tools required - easy to assemble
  • Flat-packaging
  • Greater autonomy - it allows for a wide variety of plant types
  • Modular design
  • Long-lasting
  • Dimension: 125x65x35 cm
  • Soil and plants not included

For a better way of life
Having a veggie garden is not only about a better diet but a better lifestyle. Your vegetable garden can provide a little haven within the busy life of the city, a pleasant spot to have your friends, or to spend time with your family. On top of this by having your own veggie garden, you’re also contributing to a greener city, and a more responsible way of consuming.

You can combine it with the small and large sized Noocity Growbeds for your own custom vegetable garden!

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