How to use a Wishlist

You can build a Wishlist with the items you'd like to purchase, save it for later or share it with friends and family!

The Wishlist is maintained in your customer account dashboard.

It is a very practical solution for wedding lists, birthdays, Christmas or simply to organize a list of desired products for yourself or your home.

To access your Wishlist, click on the "My Wishlist" link in the upper right "My Account" menu of any LifePICNIC.com page or when viewing "My Account" page, click on "My Wishlist" on the left side menu. From here, you can update, share, delete and purchase items that you added to your Wishlist.


Adding items to the Wishlist

1. To add items to a Wishlist, you must be logged in to your LifePICNIC.com personal account;

2. When viewing a product, click on the "Add to Wishlist" link. The product will be added to your Wishlist. You can add comments to products you add to your Wishlist;

3. You can also move items from the Wishlist to your Basket. On the "My Wishlist" page, simply click on the "Add to Basket" or "Add All to Basket" button;

4. To move an item from the Shopping Basket to your account Wishlist, select "Move to Wishlist" checkbox from the action column and click on the "Update Shopping Basket" button.


Share your Wishlist

1. Click on the "My Wishlist" link in the upper right "My Account" menu of any LifePICNIC.com page;

2. Click the Share Wishlist button located at the lower right of the page;

3. Enter and confirm the recipient(s) e-mail addresse(s) and write your message (optional);

4. Click the "Share Wishlist" button;

5. You'll see a confirmation message that your Wishlist has been shared.


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