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Exchanges & Returns

100% Satisfaction Guarantee  - Our mission is to ensure that your shopping experience at LifePICNIC.com is a pleasure!

14 days guarantee


Exchanging & Returning Items

You can exchange/return an item you purchased within 14 days from the day of receipt, under the following conditions:

1. In order to exchange/return any item it should be in perfect condition, including its original packaging;

2. Shoes: PLEASE DO NOT try shoes on surfaces that could scratch the soles or mark them in any way, otherwise we will be unable to exchange/return them as resale is not possible.
We suggest that you try them on a soft surface like a carpet or rug.
The original shoebox and packaging must also be returned undamaged;

3. Clothing and accessories: PLEASE DO NOT remove any of the labels or protective stickers, otherwise we will be unable to exchange/return them as resale is not possible;

4. Books, audio/music, video, albums and other multimedia items: we will only accept the items if the tamper-proof warranty seal and/or protective film are intact;

5. The returned products must contain all the items originally included in the order: accessories, instruction manuals, etc.;

6. Each item is carefully checked by our LifePICNIC.com staff before shipping and in the remote possibility of being delivered with manufacturing defects, these must be detected and reported within the 14 days defined by law;

7. In the remote possibility of the order being delivered to the customer damaged or with defects caused by transport to the destination address, these should be IMMEDIATELY detected and reported in writing by the Client to the shipping carrier ON RECEIPT, otherwise the exchange/return becomes impossible because the carrier's liability ends when the order is hand delivered to the customer (Tip: if you see that the packaging is damaged this might be a sign that something may have gone wrong during transport and you should immediately verify the package's contents);

8. If the delivered item is not the item you ordered;

9. Exchanges/returns shall only be accepted if reported within the established time frame (14 days) and with LifePICNIC.com's Return Code, in accordance with the returns process described below in "How to return items".

If these conditions are met, LifePICNIC.com reimbursement will be made to the Customer within 30 days after receipt of the returned order.
LifePICNIC.com will make very effort to shorten this period.

The return shipping costs shall be met by LifePICNIC.com only in Continental Portugal.

An item purchased at LifePICNIC.com can only be exchanged/returned through our shipping carriers, with an associated Return Code provided by LifePICNIC.com, according to the return process described below.

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How to Return Items


How to return items steps



1. Make sure the item you want to exchange/return fully complies with the above mentioned conditions and then notify us through our Contact page of your intention, not forgetting to refer your order number;

2. After your initial contact, LifePICNIC.com will send you a Return Label with the Return Code and security stickers to seal your package;

3. Place the item, all of its components and accessories, manuals, invoice, etc. in the package and seal it with the security stickers, remove the sender/recipient labels and/or stick over the Return Label in the recipient area for the shipping carrier to collect your order;
4. Contact LifePICNIC.com to schedule a time to collect your order;
5. Upon receipt and verification of the returned item, and if it fully complies with the conditions of exchange/return mentioned above, LifePICNIC.com ensures repayment of the total amount paid by the Customer within 30 days after receipt of the returned item.
LifePICNIC.com will make every effort to shorten this period.
The return shipping costs shall be met by LifePICNIC.com only in Continental Portugal.

Returns that do not follow the above procedure, without a Return Label/Code and security stickers, cannot be accepted.

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Customer Care contact for exchanges and returns:

Please contact us here, always referring your order number.




If the exchange/return conditions are not fully met, we will not be able to exchange/return an item. If this situation occurs, LifePICNIC.com will have to charge the Client for the item collection costs.

The Client may request the return of an order if it does not qualify for exchange/return but will have, however, to liquidate the corresponding cost for the new shipment.

If you want an order that was not accepted returned back to you, you will have to inform LifePICNIC.com of the destination address - please remember to always state the order number in question.
We will send you the necessary information* to liquidate the collection and return costs of the item not accepted for return/refund.

* - Total amount to be paid and details of the available forms of payment: bank transfer/IBAN, Multibanco references and PayPal information.

LifePICNIC.com will resend the order by the same method, hand delivered by our shipping carrier and no other (personal collection, postage, etc.), and according to costs and shipping times stated on our "Shipping & Delivery" page.

Made to order products: The articles made to order are not eligible for exchange/refund according to Decree-Law No 143/2001, article 7 of the portuguese law.

In accordance with Decree-Law No 143/2001, art. 7 of the Portuguese law, LifePICNIC.com can not accept the return of newspapers and magazines sold by the store.

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LifePICNIC.com is committed to ensure that all the services we provide and all items we sell are in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications published in our store.
However, we are aware that errors may occur.
Please contact LifePICNIC.com through the Contact page whenever you desire.
We will do everything in our power to resolve all issues that may occur.

We suggest the following procedure, during and after your order reception:

1. When our shipping carrier delivers your order make sure the package shows no signs of damage;

2. Open the package carefully by the designated areas keeping it in good condition for a minimum period of 14 days;

3. Make sure the items have no visible defects caused by transport or manufacture;

4. If you notice any damage or defect resulting from transportation and have the opportunity, please photograph them for future reference;

5. Write down all the problems on the shipping carrier's delivery slip and refuse to accept the order - then please contact LifePICNIC.com, always referring to your order number (indicated on the confirmation e-mail sent by LifePICNIC.com when you placed your order) and describe the situation;

6. We will do everything in our reach to minimize your inconvenience and resend a new order as quickly possible or, if preferred, refund you for the amount paid.

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The products sold by LifePICNIC.com benefit from the product manufacturer warranty, from the date of delivery of the goods.

The warranty conditions are the responsibility of each product brand available at LifePICNIC.com.

Normally, warranties do not cover product wear and tear or misuse. The use of an item for purposes other than those described can lead to total or partial cancellation of the warranty.
Please read carefully the user manual and/or documentation supplied with the products. LifePICNIC.com is not liable for damages and consequences arising from the involvement of an unauthorized company by LifePICNIC.com and/or its suppliers, and/or damage and consequences related to improper use to which the product is intended.

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In order for your shopping experience at LifePICNIC.com to be totally enjoyable nothing can fail.
Your opinion is of the utmost importance to us.

Please share with us happy stories that happened to you as a result of shopping at LifePICNIC.com or if something has gone wrong with your purchase, please let us know.
Only by listening to our Customers may we improve and correct what isn't quite right.
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Compliments are also welcome!
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