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Build... Breath... Slide... Manoeuvre and have fun!

SUBA Ramps were designed to embody the free spirit of skateboarders, in-liners and MTB bikers. They come in several modules, are sold in kit format, with step-by-step instructions and with accessories that make assembly accessible to all people and anywhere: in your garage, on the terrace or garden where you can practice many different tricks. Having a SUBA Ramps at home is like having a private skate park where both children and adults can release adrenaline by practicing manoeuvres and progress in their sport, every minute of their free time. It's also a great excuse to invite friends and family to join in on the fun and share the excitement with each new trick!


Tested by a range of sport pro’s and enthusiasts, each ramp was designed in detail to provide safe and fun moments. Several technical and endurance tests were conducted to create SUBA Ramps which were specially designed for easy assembly, transport and storage. Quality construction, appealing design, innovation in detail the use and enjoyment were the standards that have guided the brand.


SUBA Ramps is environmentally friendly and its design was conceived from the ground up to be produced with durable and reusable environmentally friendly materials. The production process was also optimized to respond sustainably to both the present and future environmental challenges..

Customization is possible for most of the existing pieces.

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