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It all began when Paulo Silveira Pereira, designer and founder of SACCUS (from Latin, bag), was challenged by a close friend to create a bag inspired by an iconic model of one of the most exclusive brands in the world. He accepted the challenge and the first seed was planted of what is today the SACCUS brand. From drawing to drawing, prototype to prototype, ideas were born and the concept took shape and dimension.

Creating exclusive contemporary and functional designs, SACCUS was infused, since its inception, with the motto "ingenium liberat animum" (imagination frees the spirit), holding up a young, free and progressive attitude. Today, SACCUS manufactures men’s everyday fashion accessories, pieces of urban design that endure for generations, due to their high quality and uniqueness.

SACCUS’ manufacturing high standards are kept by carefully selecting materials, using quality leather, burel, tanned fish skin, cork technical fabric (Eco Leather), linen and cotton and by using traditional design card molds, with which the leather and the fabrics are then tailored. Each piece is made with the utmost attention to detail, whether by hand or machine, according to the technical specifications and the design.



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