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Sophisticated, retro inspired in design and positively cool. This description fits to perfection these top quality handmade glasses in the best italian Mazzucchelli® acetate.

Retro P is a top handmade brand, which according to the highest quality standards and affordable prices sets the trends inspired by international fashion.

The company’s history began over 60 years ago, when José Penedos (hence the “P” in the Retro P brand name) founded OCR Opticals and began designing quality classic hand made glasses.

Hugo Frederique, who now heads his family run business, inherited the gene for innovation and launched the new brand, Retro P. It all came about when he decided to dig deep into the company’s archives and selected an array of retro inspired models that were updated in design and ergonomics, creating a collection that offers a sophisticated and stylish look.

All Retro P glasses at LifePICNIC.com include Worldwide Free Delivery and include a cleaning cloth and custom protective case.


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