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Brand - Pombo


POMBO has been creating high quality, unique and innovative designed bathroom accessories since 1961, helping us break from our routines and create unique and personal environments. The brand exports their products to demanding markets all over the world, developing all its creations in-house.

Since its foundation, POMBO has elected design as its core differentiating element: it promotes value, gives meaning and instills emotion while solving problems with innovative solutions. In other words, design enables POMBO in the pursuit of excellence on an intrinsic level.

Design is also part of the brands industrial culture, deeply linked to its technological and economic development, contributing to the construction of a new social mindset focused on innovation.

Careful selection of raw materials, state of the art manufacturing equipment, superior quality control, extreme environmental awareness and a talented team, guarantee the quality for which POMBO is acknowledged worldwide and chosen for top interior design projects.

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