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Born from the heart and soul of mother earth, NaturaLook presents a collection of handmade glasses made from the finest sustainably sourced wood and that reflect the individuality and uniqueness that can only be found in nature.

Every pair of glasses is handmade with passion, receiving hours of attention in the hands of dedicated and skilled craftsmen. Each pair of glasses comes in its very own custom wood case, with a protective pouch and cleaning cloth.

The lenses follow the brand’s high quality standards and are made by Shamir Insight, Inc. who specializes in the manufacture of premium 100% UVA/UVB protection lenses.

The idea to design wooden eyewear frames was born as a way to create value from the excess wood originating from furniture manufacture of the mother company, Móveis Barbosa Neto (MBN), a company with over 30 years of know-how in the furniture business.

The solidity of the parent company contributed to the growth of the brand, as were the skilled labour, the extensive knowledge of raw materials and MBN’s management experience, all key factors to NaturaLook's success. NaturaLook's production takes place at MBN, a factory with over 3000 m2, where a team of 5 people are exclusively focused on the brands eyewear line production.

Collaboration with renowned designers is also a key factor in NaturaLook's growing success, having created an outstanting designer collection with models by Pauline Gilain, Elisabeth Teixeira and Kamini Ezralow.



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