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At the invitation of Amorim, the world leader in the cork industry, Experimentadesign devised Materia®, aimed at raising the profile of cork and looking ahead to new uses and bolder products. This goal is based on the material's transversal added value and extremely versatile, user-friendly and sustainable nature.

By fusing cork's unique sensory qualities and personality with a designer's flair, Materia® is a collection of objects that work well and feel good in today's homes and lifestyles.

Light-hearted and lightweight, relevant yet unassuming, easy going and tactile, these objects will integrate seamlessly into your daily life and habitat, as natural, refreshingly uncomplicated and witty answers to simple, universal needs.

They fit neatly into a little vacant spot in your life, left there by an action waiting to happen, a purpose about to be fulfilled. User and function-wise intuitive, they will find their way into your home and office, the predictable and the unexpected of everyday.

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Designers Materia Amorim

Design at Materia

Materia® debuts 12 projects in total of 22 objects by 10 designers: Miguel Vieira Baptista, Big-Game, Fernando Brízio, Filipe Alarcão, Marco Sousa Santos, Nendo, Raw Edges, Daniel Caramelo, Pedrita and Inga Sempé.


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