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Guava is a shoe brand that suggests and translates a new vision, style and a fresh new design perspective. Guava brings an energetic suggestion of glamour, a street fashion experience and an exciting concept for a new generation.

The brand, based in Oslo - Norway, is driven by its passion for architectonic shapes inspired by asymmetries and the emotion of vibrant colours.

Its designs are a fusion of a geometric seduction, an urban experience that merges design, innovation and sustainability.

Details are essential to this unique process. Each piece is exquisitely hand-made by dedicated artisans that bring expert skills to the creation of each shoe, resulting in a product that combines delicate elements with high quality craftsmanship which culminate in the most elegant avant-garde fashions.

Guava also combines design with sustainability. Their shoes are made of bio leather, rubber made from recycled materials and are a Fair Trade product.


Designer Inês Caleiro


Design at Guava

Inês Caleiro is Guava’s Creative Director and CEO.

Guava’s project started in the beginning of 2010, while the designer was living in the USA. She wanted to establish a desirable place in the market and that’s what motivated her to start her own brand.

During her 4 years in London she was invited to work at Jimmy Choo after winning the 'Best Student Award' at the London College of Fashion. Her background in Graphic Design (Portugal, Lisbon), Fashion and Product Design (UK, London) lead to a combination of influences visible in Guava.

Her academic and professional path provided her with a rich experience in several areas of Design such as Graphic, Product, Interior and Fashion. This allowed her to combine the necessary tools in order to embark this enthusiastic path where Innovation and Excellence are important values.



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